Empresa Rozados Shopping Centers Rozados Shopping Centers is an expert company in consulting, planning and negotiations of large commercial properties, mainly focus on Shopping Mall business.

Founded in 1986, Rozados Empreendimentos Imobiliários is working at the segment of commercial properties and Shopping Centers market ever since.

Following a smart methodology based in a concept called: ‘Responsible Planning’ and ‘Business Consistent’, the company contributes for the sector growth, offering complete solutions for many phases on the business evolution, from the initial development to the pos operational, like revitalize and expand the project.

Based on its own huge experience, Rozados – Shopping Center is totally able to attend your company, mainly considering all the following aspects: financial, marketing, strategic and structural by offering from consultant, prospecting, business plan, to legal assistance, architectural, administrative and deployment.

Purpose and Mission of the Company

Competence and Knowledge for big deals development
We try making our job in a specific mode, always considering the reality, all details and each projects needs. That is the reason why we believe to be possible ensure a safe planning, right and profitable to the customer, resulting in success for your business.

Solutions carefully planned to ensure a great business!

- Consulting and Planning: our consultants will guides the customer’s company regarding its commercial/financial decisions, for example, the definition of ABL, Tenant and CRD, advising the owner of the business in terms of implementation, opening, training and evaluation of the administrative departments and marketing.

- Implementation and training of administrative staff: we offer hiring support and operational/administrative staff training, technical analyze outsourced teams, beyond the usage of technology and tools for better administration control.

- Negotiation: we make the negotiation for all those spaces related to your business through administration, sales, and company representation over all aspects.

- Business Plan: we offer a complete economic study, analyzing market characterizes, competitive level, ROI – return of the investment, funding and all information needed to open a new business.

- Legal assistance: we assist and guide the customer’s decision related to legal issues of the business, such as following: General Rules, Statute of Shopkeepers Association, Condominium Convention, Internal Statute, Rental Contracts and “Luvas” (a special fee to be paid as part of rental agreement).

- Properties Prospects: we treat all about renting, buying or selling a commercial property, always considering the constantly changing of market. Thus, we provide full support for all business transaction processing.

Our executives

Walter Rozados
Walter Rozados
Walter is a great businessman, company administrator and marketing professional. Versatile person, creative and ready for challenges. Work with Shopping Mall Business for 27 years, working on large successful projects and growing on the sector.

Paulo Rozados
Paulo Rozados
Paulo is a motivated manager, great company administrator and excited for business. With these features, He got 27 years of experience in shopping mall and accumulates respect from his associates, partners and customers.


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Phone: +55 (11) 5015-0701

Address Location
We are located at the South Area of Sao Paulo, SP, in one of the main streets of the city, next to the Terminal Intermunicipal of Jabaquara.
Rua dos Buritis, 128 – cj. 409 A – Jabaquara – SP – São Paulo – CEP 04321-000